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Origin: France, Belgium
Certificates: Oeko-Tex

  • Linen is a bast fiber.
  • The linen we use originates in France and Belgium, close to the fabric and garment factories we work with.
  • Linen requires no irrigation, and it can be grown even in poor soil where food cultivation would be impossible. It requires no chemicals for growth or for rendering into yarns for textiles.
  • One hectare of flax absorbs more than 3.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide and stores it in the soil thanks to its large root system.
  • Linen is grown in rotation, nourishing the soil for other crops. It is also always non-GMO.
  • A breathable fabric, linen is strong and absorbent. It’s more durable and dries faster than cotton. Its naturally cooling properties make it an appealing option for summer wear and layering.
  • Linen production is almost zero waste, as flax roots are so long that almost 100% are utilized and leftovers like flax dust can be used for wall insulations. The seeds can provide oil for dyes, paint, cosmetics, and floor coverings. The by-products of linen production can also be processed into a pulp used for banknotes or fiberboard.
  • As linen fabric is said to get better and softer with age and each wash, having and caring for a linen garment for a long time is covetable.
  • Its fibers are shorter than those of silk and the fabric is rougher, not shiny.