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  • Shoyeido - KUNRO Assortment (25 sticks)
  • Shoyeido - KUNRO Assortment (25 sticks)

Shoyeido - kunro assortment (25 sticks)

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Scents included (5 fragrances, 5 sticks of each):

Kaho/Flower Garden - a rich, yet bittersweet fragrance of radiant flowers

Yukiyanagi/Spring Blossoms - ambrosial notes of a blooming spring garden

Sousou/Rustling Meadow - atmospheric scent blanketing green fields

Sogetsu/Moon Reflection - a wafting scent of fresh flowers, heralding a new season

Yoi-no-uta/Poetry at Dusk - the enchanting fragrance of aromatic wood, floating delicately in the early evening


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