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Shoyeido - tenpyo coil / peaceful sky - coil

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Tenpyo Coil / Peaceful Sky - 10 Coils

Shoyeido Tenpyo Peaceful Sky offers precious, fine vietnamese Agarwood. A rare and luxurious scent, kyara. Tenpyo is considered the most prestigious and premium of the Horin scents due to its rarity in obtaining Vietnamese resin. 

Each box of Shoyeido Horin Incense Coils contains 10 incense coils with an approximate burn time of 2 1/2 hours, plus one biodegradable coil holder.

Truly indulgent and delicate agarwood with woody notes and spices in addition to a hint of marshmallow and sweetness.

Horin, meaning "fragrant ring," offers a senses-pleasing and long lasting way to fill your home or work space with the scent of sublime Shoyeido incense. Each spiralling blend is named for a period or location in Japan's illustrious history. Each scent is at once traditional and modern, offering pure and natural pleasure to any incense enthusiast. Authentic, pure, high quality ingredients with none of the bitter tinges you might associate with other incense.  

Our Shoyeido Incense is authentic and imported directly from Japan where it is made from pure and natural plant ingredients.  Also importantly, it does not contain sawdust bamboo or any other fillers and has no artificial scents or ingredients.

Shoyeido Master blenders still use the same skills, techniques and care developed and used by the Hata family for over 400 years and more than twelve generations.


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