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Deadstock Fabric

Deadstock fabric

  • Deadstock fabric is also known as pre-consumer waste or post-industrial waste.
  • It is the material left over from the production of collections.
  • We have small quantities of leftover fabric that we use to make new unique pieces. As the quantities are small, these pieces can usually only be offered in smaller batches.
  • Deadstock fabric is made up of cutting leftovers and roll ends from our most used fabrics. We also take apart samples, rework them and redye them to create new pieces.
  • We ask factories what the fabric quantities are and see what we can produce from them.
  • There is always 10-30% of the fabric that is cut away and discarded during the cutting process. These leftover materials are not damaged in any way but are too small for full-scale production.
  • The practice of using deadstock prevents fabric from ending up in landfills.
  • It reduces environmental impacts by choosing to use deadstock instead of virgin material.
  • If deadstock is genuine surplus and not deliberately overproduced fabric, using it is a sustainable practice.